Background Image 4After proper tuning, arrow spine is the most important factor in proper arrow flight. Spine is the amount of flex the arrow has, measured in inches. Higher draw weight and/or longer draw lengths require a stiffer arrow, which is shown by a smaller number of inches of flex.

For instance, if you have a single medium cam bow, a .300″ spine arrow with a 125 grain tip is designed for 70 to 93 pounds of draw weight at 29″ arrow length.

And at the opposite end of the scale, a .650″ spine arrow with the same tip will fly properly from a compound bow with 29 to 40 pounds of draw weight at 29″ arrow length.

I stock arrows in .300″, .340″, .365″, .375″, .400″, .440″, .500″, and .650″ spines.

I carry Carbon Tech, and a limited selection of Carbon Express, and Easton arrows.

Carbon Tech is a little-known “secret” with archers. They are the strongest arrows I have ever seen. When fired into any impenetrable object (like steel or rock) at 70 pound pull and 29″ draw, the arrow does not shatter nor splinter. It merely pushes the tip and insert 1/2″ into the shaft. The arrow is not ruined. We just remove the insert, cut off 1/2″ of arrow shaft, glue the insert back in and put a new tip on it. This is because of the carbon weave used in making Carbon Tech arrows. Also, shaft rotation is built into the arrow. I have examples of those results here in my shop.