New Archers

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You get to watch and participate in the set-up and tuning of your new bow, so if it needs adjusting, you’ll know how to do it. And I’ll show you every step of sighting as we set your 20 yard pin on my covered range.

Every buyer (who wants it) gets a free lesson on form, anchoring, sighting, instinctive shooting (if applicable), arrow spine, and how to remind your brain what muscle to pull a compound bow with. So when you’re old, you’ll still be having as much fun with it as we old archers do.

Almost all of the adjustments on new Martins can easily be done without a bow press, but I do use mine to install the peep sight. Then you can adjust the peep without a press if your anchor point changes over time. I also use the press to take full advantage of the new Fury XT cam. With this new cam, a young teenager can have a bow with 60 pound limbs and be pulling only 25 pounds. As they grow, we’ll adjust the draw weight up to correspond with their ability. Buy the bow here and these adjustments are always free.